Launched in February 2016, Yicai Global is the English-language news service of Yicai Media Group, the highly regarded financial news arm of Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Also known as China Business Network, Shanghai-based Yicai Media is China’s largest financial content provider.

Focused primarily on China, Yicai Global’s purpose is to provide reliable and insightful information and analysis of the IT (information technology) and TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) sectors, environment, justice, business, economy and society. It is one of just two dedicated Chinese news feeds connected to the Bloomberg terminal.

Yicai Media is one of the most-cited Chinese sources of financial information by the international media. It has 30 journalists working in the world’s major financial centers and technology hubs, and has studios or live broadcast centers at major stock markets around the globe. CBN TV also operates in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Yicai Media’s flagship products include CBN TV, China Business News daily, CBN Weekly magazine, CBN Mobile, Yicai Research Institute and CBN News Agency. The group delivers more than 900 items of text, videos, data and analysis to investors every day. Capitalizing on these high-quality products, Yicai Global is opening up the global market for Chinese financial news.