Honeymoon Period for Live-Streaming Is Over, Content Will Be King, Laifeng President Says



(Yicai Global) Dec. 5 -- The honeymoon period where live-streaming companies could expect dividends from internet traffic is over and the industry is becoming one led by “big players”, said Zhang Hongtao, an executive at Laifeng.com, a popular broadcast platform.

Zhang believes the next chapter for online streaming will be content over competition.

“Live-streaming platforms have entered a period of competition, those privileged by having lots of traffic behind them will survive, while those without such a background may be eliminated,” he told The Beijing Morning Post

Laifeng is owned by Youku Tudou and offers viewers an immersive experience and the opportunity to interact with some of its performers and highlights live shows, where performers sing, or play guitar, or simply talk.

Live-streaming platforms have just completed the migration from personal computers to smartphones, without upgrading their content. The nature of broadcast shows has not changed. While they have been able to realize cash quickly, live-streaming platforms do not have the organic capacity to grow due to their small amount of content.

In Zhang’s view, the future of the live-streaming industry is not in performance or shows. Deeper content will become an important way to retain users.

Laifeng.com will focus on interactive entertainment and grab the market by differentiated content. On the platform, traditional variety shows centering around celebrities will be transformed into live shows based on citizens’ participation and deep interaction, Zhang added.