MIIT Bans Illegal ‘Impersonation’ Software That Alters and Disguises Phone Caller IDs



(Yicai Global) Dec.6 -- To check wire fraud, China’s industry regulator has ordered domestic telecommunication and Internet enterprises to strictly block the online release, search, spread and sales channels of software that alters phone numbers.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) requires search engine providers to beef up the blocking of searches for online software for phone number alteration and delete search results that allow downloads, sales and use of information for phone number alteration software.

The MIIT is also demanding that mobile app service businesses enhance review of existing apps, immediately remove phone number alteration software, and enter these apps and their developers’ names onto a blacklist.

Telecom fraud has been rampant in China lately. Criminals plying telecom swindles exploit such software to shield their own settings, as well as win a victim’s confidence by, e.g. displaying the public telephone numbers of government departments.