Beijing Network Regulator Punishes Online Media Agencies for “Attention-Grabbing Headlines”



(Yicai Global) Dec. 6 -- Key news portals such as Sina and Sohu have been punished by Beijing’s network regulator for re-writing headlines to make them more eye-catching, exaggerating facts and releasing fake news, China Central Television, the State’s broadcaster reports.

When reposting a news article headlined “Several Beijing No. 2 Baiyunlu Primary School Students in Xicheng District Asked for Leave on Same Day Due to Nosebleeds” originally released by The Mirror, Sohu addended the headline with “Abnormal White Blood Cell Count Discovered.”

However, the original report did not mention anything about white blood cells. Website editors fabricated content when recommending and reposting the article, which misled readers.

CCTV did not disclose the concrete punishment measures in the report.