China Succeeds in 3D Printing Nuclear Reactor Component

Lin Chunting / Yicai


(Yicai Global) Dec. 7 -- China has successfully 3D printed a part for a small pressurized nuclear reactor, a breakthrough that helps overcome the biggest barrier in applying 3D printing to the production of nuclear power components.

The Nuclear Power Institute of China said a pressure vessel cylinder prototype independently developed with Nanfeng Additive Manufacturing Technology Co. for a small ACP100 reactor and 3D printed passed tests carried out by the National Energy Administration and China Nuclear Power Development Center.

The 3D printer used is the world’s largest and is designed to produce thick-walled heavy-duty metal components of up to 5.6 meters in diameter, 9 meters in length and 300 tons in weight. Nanfeng Additive Manufacturing Technology is a subsidiary of Guangdong-based Nanfeng Ventilator Co. [SHE:300004].