Four Sanfo Outdoor Plan Shareholders to Reduce Their Stakes in the Company Within Two Years



(Yicai Global) Dec. 9 – Four shareholders of Beijing Sanfo Outdoor Products Co. [SHE: 002780] are planning to reduce their stakes in the company through bulk trading and other legal means within the next two years.

Tianjin Yirun Growth Equity Investment Partnership, which holds a 9.26 percent stake, and Zhu Yanhua with 6.83 percent stake intend to reduce their holding of shares by less than 10.63 percent of Sanfo Outdoor’s total share capital; and Ni Zhengdong and Chen Liu, with 4.80 and 4.55 percent stakes respectively, intend to decrease their stake in Sanfo Outdoor’s total share capital by less than 5.75 percent, said Sanfo Outdoor in a statement.

Sanfo Outdoor is mainly engaged in the design and technology development of outdoor sports products, as well as the sale of sportswear, sporting goods, outdoor gear and books.