YTO Express Deliverymen Strike Due to Wage Arrears; Parcels Left to Rot



(Yicai Global) Dec. 9 -- Some employees at YTO Express Group Co.'s [SHA:600233] Baoji Qiaonan branch in Shaanxi are on strike because of wage arrears. YTO Express, ranked No. 1 by deliveries last year, became China’s first courier to go public in October.

Nearly 4,000 parcels have piled up unattended in warehouses. People come to search for their packages while Baoji's postal authorities launched an investigation.

One woman complains, “My parcel was shipped by YTO Express. It arrived in Baoji three days ago, but still hasn't been delivered.” It contains documents her company urgently needs. She phoned the deliveryman and was told they were on strike due to company problems and she could collect it from the depot herself.

YTO Express' Qiaonan branch was wide open yesterday. No one was there to ask visitors to sign in or to check their ID. Some people seemed to pick up parcels randomly and then left.

People hunt for their parcels amid damaged boxes, some with foul-smelling liquids leaking out. One man threw boxes several meters into the air while looking for his parcel. They all landed with a thud.