China Will Build Several Distinctive Theme Parks by 2020, Tourism Official Says



(Yicai Global) May 14 -- China will build a number of distinctive theme parks by 2020, an official from the National Tourism Administration said today as Shanxi-based Buck Chuangqi Culture Co. opened up its new park, BUCKCQ Dream Factory.

During this period, China will combine its scenic spots with play areas, theaters, the performing arts and other entertainment models to support the development of high-tech tourism and entertainment companies, the official said.

The country will also introduce international themed amusement brands in order to promote the grouping of local entertainment firms, international development and enhanced theme park tourism, he added.

BUCKCQ is the first large-scale indoor theme park integrating science and technology experiences and entertainment in Shanxi province.  It’s based around the character BUCKCQ and features a fantasy adventure travel theme in a post-modern technological world.

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