Qinghan Fund-Invested ‘Pretend to Be Lovers’ Isn’t a Porn App, Backer Says

Jiang Xuan / Yicai


(Yicai Global) Feb. 9 -- Jiazhuang qinglu, meaning ‘pretend to be lovers’ in English, is not a pornographic app, the managing director at one of its investors told Yicai Global.

Crystal Stream Capital’s Wang Mengqiu responded yesterday to social media comments about lurid content published on the app that is backed by Qinghan Fund, a venture between Crystal Stream, New Hope Group Co. and celebrity idol Lu Han. Rumors that Qinghan Fund’s maiden project fostered impropriety circulated soon after it was established.

‘Pretend to be lovers’ is new and had content control issues that are common in communities that generate their own content, Wang said. The app will be upgraded as soon as possible to meet censorship rules. Other apps without celebrity involvement face similar issues, but out of the spotlight, she added.

Crystal Stream and Lu Han announced Qinghan Fund’s setup on Feb. 6, after which Wang was labeled a crazed star-chaser. She is well-known as an ardent fan of Lu Han. Qinghan Fund is tasked with investing in sectors based on content demand among younger people and is interested in platforms that have moved young people’s new ways online.

“Lu is a magnet,” Wang said. “This business with Lu is just a commercial cooperation between professionals. We’re cooperating with him in expectation of his inherent potential rather than his fan effect.”

“As a sensational young artist, Lu represents the fashion culture of his generation, and is able to attract quality projects and entrepreneurs for us,” Wang said. “But he may not be the endorser of our investment projects, and will not endorse a certain project.”

The Shenzhen Duidui Technology Co. developed social sharing app, which is used mostly by minors, hopes to achieve equality between men and women in the friend-making process.

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