4Paradigm Unveils New Platforms to Let Clients Make Their Own AI Apps
Lai Shasha
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4Paradigm Unveils New Platforms to Let Clients Make Their Own AI Apps

(Yicai Global) Sept. 19 -- Chinese artificial intelligence service startup 4Paradigm has showcased two new products aimed at helping client firms create their own AI applications tailored to their needs.

The Beijing-based firm showcased AI Prophet AutoML, an automatic machine learning platform and AI Prophet AutoCV, a computer vision program, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018, which is being held in Shanghai and concludes today.

The new products are aimed at allowing clients to independently create applications and generate AI capabilities on their own, 4Paradigm founder and Chief Executive Dai Wenyuan told reporters at the event, which gathers top figures in AI from around the world and showcases the latest advances. "Users no longer need to understand what deep learning or Big Data is, they just need to know what they want to do and how to teach computers to learn," he said.

A lack of talent is holding back the development of AI, he said, adding that more developers should be involved in the application of AI, which will allay some concerns over the sector's bubble possibly bursting. Dai said that 4Paradigm's main goal this year is to nurture one thousand AI developers in the sector.

He also predicted that AI would explode across all walks of life in China within three to five years. Dai believes that internet companies have already replaced their front desk personnel of many Chinese companies with machines and affect strategy-making processes and management functions.

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