Alibaba's Jack Ma Uses Bank Card to Pay
Liao Shumin
/SOURCE : Yicai
Alibaba's Jack Ma Uses Bank Card to Pay

(Yicai Global) Jan. 12 -- When Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, recently went to a bar in Chongqing, he drew great attention.

Ma was enjoying a libation in the tavern when his popularity caused the crowd to recognize him at once, so he stayed for over one hour.

He is said to have requested three songs and run up a CNY1,300 tab. Of note, Ma did not pay with Alipay when settling his reckoning, but used his bank card to pay, as media reported.

"Everyone is free to pay the way they like, and every choice should be respected, our staff is no exception," was Alipay's reply on its via official microblog account on Nov. 1.

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