Alibaba's Tmall.Com Sales Hit USD17.75 Billion on Biggest Ever Singles' Day
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Alibaba's Tmall.Com Sales Hit USD17.75 Billion on Biggest Ever Singles' Day

A giant screen shows the final takings for Alibaba's record-breaking Single's Day.

The Tmall Singles' Day Global Shopping Festival was held at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen. As shown on the display, total sales on hit CNY120.7 billion (USD17.75 billion), reaching a new all-time high.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma hails the most successful Singles' Day ever.

With three quarters of an hour to go for the end of the Single's Day sales bonanza, last year's record of USD13.5 billion has comfortably been broken.

A yuan halo seems to appear on top of Jack Ma's head after the record-breaking sales day.

A very pleased Jack reflects on his years of hard work that saw him rise from being an ordinary English teacher to the boss of one of the world's richest companies. His Chinese dream has come true.

Jack Ma leaves the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center in the early hours after the Singles' Day Global Shopping Festival event came to an end, with fans waiting outside for hours to greet him.

Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang recounts the history of Alibaba's Singles' Day, which has seen shopping sales rise to over CNY120 billion this year from CNY35 billion in 2013.

Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Group CEO, addressing the stadium crowd in front of the giant screen showing the final total for this year's Singles' Day shopping sales, 85 percent of which came through smartphone apps.

A giant screen in Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center encourages shopaholics to buy more on Alibaba's main shopping platforms Taobao and Tmall.

Chris Tung, Alibaba Group's Chief Marketing Officer, details the company's marketing strategy for this year's Singles' Day extravaganza.

Alibaba Group's Chief Marketing Officer Chris Tung addresses the crowd.

Tong Wenhong, CEO of Alibaba's logistics company, informs the audience of the company's infrastructure and how it deals with millions of buyers' orders across the globe.

Journalists are trying out the "Buy +" Virtual Reality shopping service during the Singles' Day event held at Shenzhen's Universiade Sports Center.

Alibaba wants to use existing technology to give shoppers a better shopping experience using virtual reality devices like the prototypes journalists are trying out.

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