AR, VR to Be Next-Gen Calculating Platforms, Lenovo Investment Arm's GM Says
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AR, VR to Be Next-Gen Calculating Platforms, Lenovo Investment Arm's GM Says

(Yicai Global) Dec. 22 -- Augmented and virtual realities will become the next generation of calculating platforms, according to Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group's investment business department.

Though AR and VR technologies are not yet mature and an ecosystem has not been created, for industrial investors it is better to develop future technologies earlier rather than later, Song said in an interview with Yicai Global.

Focusing on Lenovo's industrial chain, LCIG's approach of establishing presence in the AR and VR fields is to construct an end-to-end, integrated industrial chain from core components to core contents and channels.

Song added that a year ago Lenovo invested in the well-known director Zhang Yimou's VR brand SoReal in order to create quality content and to let SoReal become an offline channel for experiencing its relevant products and services. He has visited a number of VR production teams and SoReal was the best choice in those terms, Song said.

"We hope that companies we invest in will have a valuation of more than tens of billions of US dollars and become leaders in their respective fields," he said.

LCIG is Lenovo Group's global technology industry fund and primarily invests in projects around Lenovo's industrial chain to help establish presence in the new fields of the Internet and intelligent ecology.

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