CBNData Fiesta Makes Data-Value Sharing a 'Mission Possible'
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CBNData Fiesta Makes Data-Value Sharing a 'Mission Possible'

CBNData, a leading institute for big data research and analysis, will host the CBNData Fiesta in Beijing on December 8, 2016 with the mission of generating greater value by sharing the value of Big Data. Thirty business leaders from top internet firms in nine internet consumption fields will convene in an effort to map out Big Data applications across different industries, as a fruit of which the CBNData will also issue its "Big Data Report on the Ecology of China's Internet Consumption 2016" at the event, which will unite 15 internet giants' Big Data resources to embark on an epic expedition in Big Data research and analysis across the spectrum of China's firms and industries.

"To eliminate the 'islanding effect' of the internet, the very first thing we must do is remove the islanding effect of Big Data. CBNData is dedicated to this, and this is why we are building up the platform for data-value sharing," said CBNData's General Manager Lei Huang.

The report will encompass the nine fields of ecommerce, entertainment, leisure, content generation, e-finance, the sharing economy, property and social networking, as well as internet infrastructure, and will mint a new business model of data-value sharing, while bonding the interest of Chinese internet firms in shaping a mutually-favorable topography. Such internet giants as Tmall, Taobao, Ant Financial, Cainiao, Lianjia, QingtingFM and Netease News have contributed their Big Data resources to consummate the compilation of this report generated in collaboration with CBNData.

"In fact, the biggest problem by far in Big Data-value sharing is the difficulty the data-sharing mechanism poses. Internet firms -- excluding BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) -- have focused exclusively on their own business development, and thus only hold a reservoir of relatively limited data, which is in general incompatible with BAT's. Integrating data across different fields will thus make consumer behavior more researchable. However, no agreement on sharing Big Data has yet crystallized in Chinese business circles, while the in-built hurdles to utilizing Big Data are entrenched, rendering the attainment of data-value sharing a seeming 'mission impossible.' The release of the 'Big Data Report on the Ecology of China's Internet Consumption 2016' could break this stasis," said Jia Guo, vice-president of Qingting FM, and a cooperating partner of CBNData.

"The utilization of every data resource has hitherto been independent of all others, and this is antithetical to the very idea of data-value sharing. Consequently, CBNData has striven to unlock the potential of data-value sharing across different disciplines. Once we can make this happen, its greater impact will create a higher value for China's business fraternity as a whole, while benefiting all Chinese consumers at the same time," Lei Huang added.

About CBNData:

CBNData, a business division of Yicai, is a leading institute for Big Data research and analysis, mainly specializing in data visualization, business data reporting, and automatic terminal analysis. Founded in December 2015 based on Alibaba's Big Data, CBNData generates panoramic analyses of the industrial economy, and other corporate and industry data analysis products to cater to the demands of a variety of Chinese businesses.

Dedicated to honing the efficiency of business operations in China through its media power and other core Big Data research and analysis products, CBNData has published more than 100 Big Data reports since its December 2015 founding.

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