CES Asia 2017: What Will Interiors of Cars Look Like in Future? BMW Unveils Its Futuristic Concept Cockpit
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CES Asia 2017: What Will Interiors of Cars Look Like in Future? BMW Unveils Its Futuristic Concept Cockpit

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, most commonly known under its abbreviation BMW, has brought the "BMW i" concept cockpit to China for the first time, unveiling it at Consumer Electronics Show Asia (CES Asia) held in Shanghai New International Expo Center between June 7 and 9. Chinese visitors were impressed by the interior design of the visionary car.

In future, driving automation and telematics technology will allow people to spend most of their driving time by working, listening to music or watching movies. Inspired by this vision, the BMW i cockpit is designed to create the most comfortable and convenient mobility experience.

The futuristic BMW i cockpit offers users a private mobile digital space.

The BMW "HoloActive Touch System" offers the visitors at CES Asia a glimpse into the future of human-computer interaction technology. It features a screen, a camera that captures hand movement and an ultrasound device. It is the first human-machine interaction system with haptic feedback control without any physical contact at all, says BMW.

BMW i contains a natural moss mat from Sweden. It has been specially designed both as decoration and a sound enhancer.

A seamlessly connected car will offer the driver more options. The so-called driver can face such questions like, "We'll arrive at the destination in 45 minutes. Would you like to watch a movie?", or "Incoming call. Would you like to accept it?" and can make the choice with a flick of a finger. Different options are provided for different driving modes. For example, when driving automation is fully enabled, the system will display more leisure, infotainment and communication options.

The BMW i cockpit comes with a "Sound Curtain" system that creates a totally individualized listening experience for passengers. It transmits audio signals through the headrest. A passenger can only hear the signals sent out from her own headrest so that all people in the car can enjoy their favorite music without interfering with each other.

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