Chemical Spill in Fujian Is Contained, Quanzhou Government Says
Zhang Yushuo
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Chemical Spill in Fujian Is Contained, Quanzhou Government Says

(Yicai Global) Nov. 9 -- A coastal city in southeastern China has tried to reassure its residents, including the more than 50 people who have sought hospital treatment, that a chemical spill into the ocean is under control.

The Quanzhou municipal government set up an investigation team after the incident and the affected sea areas have basically been cleaned up, the administration of the city in Fujian province said in a statement today.

Fujian Donggang Petrochemical Industry caused a 7-ton leak of toxic C9 aromatics in the coastal area when a worn-out hose broke during unloading at 1:14 am on Nov. 4, Beijing News reported. Aromatics are derivate chemicals that come from oil refining.

Over 50 local residents have visited hospitals to complain dizziness, sore throats and tight chests, and 10 have been hospitalized as of yesterday.

The Quanzhou municipal government said that some 400 boats and 2,500 people have participated in the cleanup. Air quality in the area also improved from dangerous to safe for humans by Nov. 7.

Local fish farmers have suffered as much as CNY1 million (USD144,300) in losses due to pollution. Since Nov. 7, the municipality has started to assess the fishermen's claims for compensation.

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