China's Entrepreneurs Cherish Rationality and Perseverance
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China's Entrepreneurs Cherish Rationality and Perseverance

(Yicai Global) Feb. 13 -- Over 40 years of reform and opening up, China has reaped a host of remarkable achievements, marked by its transformation to a market-based economy, the infrastructural change to "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" from "Made in China", and its development to a world leader from a follower. The nation's tenacious entrepreneurs have also embodied the everlasting vigor of China's economy.

In 2017, China Business Network unveiled the "Entrepreneurship Revelation," a documentary film featuring a wide array of entrepreneurs. They were not simply labeled as winners or losers based on the success or failure of their endeavors. The film highlighted their spiritual qualities, such as perseverance, and the actual function of entrepreneurship in Chinese society. By unleashing the true force of willpower, entrepreneurship has re-awakened professionalism and stimulated a comprehensive transformation that shifted the focus of economic development from quantity to quality.

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