China Clouts Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, Baidu for Spreading Cult Cartoons
Dou Shicong
/SOURCE : Yicai
China Clouts Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, Baidu for Spreading Cult Cartoons

(Yicai Global) Feb. 12 -- Beijing and Guangdong law enforcers recently warned and fined two major Chinese video companies Youku Inc. (Youku) and iQiyi Technology Co. (iQiyi) and the two internet conglomerates Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Baidu Inc. for allowing their platforms to spread cult cartoons.

The earliest domestic cult cartoons came online in 2016, the authorities' investigations found. Guangzhou Yinjun Trading Co. disseminated cult cartoons and selfies introduced from abroad and signed contracts with platforms such as Youku and iQiyi to upload its videos under the Happy Disney account. The company obtained profits of CNY2.2 million (USD350,000), the regulator announced today on its official website.

Guangzhou Public Security Bureau filed a case, investigated the company Feb. 5 and revoked its business license the next day. The department also imposed administrative penalties on several internet companies with which the company had cooperated, directing them to rectify their violations.

Cult cartoons are videos depicting pornography, violence or gore embedded in cartoon images disseminated under the guise of education. These animations may inflict serious physical and emotional harm on children who watch them. YouTube unearthed many cult cartoons in November, shut down 50 channels and deleted 150,000 videos. Since then, Chinese web users have also come across similar videos on several domestic websites, which have now blocked over 1,000 accounts and deleted 280,000 videos.

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