China to Conduct Major Industrial Green Transformation Supervision Over 5,500 Companies
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China to Conduct Major Industrial Green Transformation Supervision Over 5,500 Companies

(Yicai Global) March 12 -- China will carry out massive special industrial energy controls this year, focusing on supervision of high-energy-consuming industries such as petrochemicals, chemicals and paper, covering more than 5,500 companies in various industries, reported Economic Information Daily, an affiliate of state-run Xinhua News Agency, today.

Special energy conversation supervision to be conducted by China's ministry of industry and information technology will include special supervision on rectification carried out by polluting enterprise last year, controls over key high-energy consuming industries, and checking the implementation of energy consumption quota standards by major energy-using enterprises in petrochemical, chemical and papermaking industries last year.

It will also achieve full-coverage energy-saving supervision of more than 2,000 petrochemical and chemical companies such as ethylene, synthetic ammonia, calcium carbide, caustic soda and urea, as well as more than 500 independent coking enterprises and more than 3,000 paper-making establishments, the report said.

Industrial Green Transformation

The special supervision can effectively promote implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection green development strategies and accelerate China's industrial transformation, upgrading and high-quality development, the report added, citing industry insiders.

The supervision plan is also aimed at substantially promoting the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries, whose total size is expected to reach CNY10 trillion (USD1.59 trillion), the report said.

China attaches increasing importance to industrial green development and transformation and upgrading. With the introduction of various policies and measures in recent years, the country's industrial green transformation is accelerating, the report mentioned.

From 2012 to 2016, both energy and water consumption per unit of industrial added value of large-scale companies decreased by 29.5 percent and 26.6 percent, respectively, and renewable resources recycling and utilization amounted to 1.07 billion tons. The above-scale industries made accumulated energy savings of approximately 700 million tons of standard coal, the ministry disclosed.

Cultivating and enhancing energy-saving and environmental protection industry will not only solve the problems of economic development and environmental protection, but also achieve an important breakthrough in green development, the ministry stated.

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