China's First Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Moves a Step Closer to Completion
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China's First Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Moves a Step Closer to Completion

(Yicai Global) May 25 -- The world's first Hualong One nuclear reactor, at Fuqing Nuclear Power Station's unit five, will have its containment vessel's dome installed today or tomorrow, said Yu Peigen, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation.

The milestone marks a shift to the next phase of the project -- equipment installation.

Hualong One is the 1,000-megawatt third-generation pressurized water reactor developed by CNNC and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. Construction of its first demonstration, at the Fuqing power station in Fujian province, began in May 2015.

Civil engineering will come to a close once the dome is installed, Yu said at the press briefing held yesterday. Afterwards, large quantities of equipment will be brought in for installation.

The demonstration program is currently in line with the proposed timeline, which sees the project completed within 62 months, he added, saying every milestone had been hit on or ahead of time.

Hualong caters to the demand of third-generation international power users in terms of safety, economy and performance, and even exceeds requirements, Yu said. The localization rate of its equipment could surpass 85 percent, particularly its core devices, including the pressure vessel, vapor generator and its internals, demonstrating how the level of Chinese manufacturing is advancing.

The value of an exported unit is around CNY30 billion (USD4.35 billion), with each expected to have a production value of CNY100 million over its 60-year life, he added.

Construction of two Hualong One units in Karachi, Pakistan has already begun overseas. The CNNC has also signed a recent contract with Argentina Nuclear Power Company, partnering up to begin building a 700-megawatt heavy water reactor next year and a 1,000-megawatt Hualong One pressurized water reactor unit in 2020.

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