China's Government Plans Nationwide Use of Ethanol Gasoline in Vehicles by 2020
Liao Shumin
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China's Government Plans Nationwide Use of Ethanol Gasoline in Vehicles by 2020

(Yicai Global) Sept. 13 -- China's National Development and Reform Commission has released a new policy paper on the expansion of biofuel ethanol production and the promotion of ethanol gasoline for vehicles in conjunction with 14 other government organs, including the National Energy Administration and the Ministry of Finance, state-run China National Radio reported online.

The country aims to roll out the use of ethanol in gasoline nationwide by 2020, and by 2025, China will look to realize the large-scale production of cellulosic ethanol, which is made from plant fibers, making the nation a world leader in biological liquid fuel technology, equipment and industry.

Ethanol gasoline is a type of fuel which is 10-percent biofuel ethanol (usually called alcohol). The biofuel can effectively reduce carbon emissions and fine particles emission, such as PM2.5, as well as other toxic substances.

PM2.5 refers to micro particles of 2.5 micrometers or less, which are known to cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

China first developed an ethanol fuel industry 15 years ago, when it was employed for the increased utilization of corn in the country. Ethanol gasoline is used in 11 provinces at present, making up one-fifth of the country's total gasoline consumption.

The scale of consumption of biofuel ethanol is growing rapidly worldwide, increasing from 36.28 million tons in 2005 to 79.15 million tons in last year. The US is the largest producer and consumer of fuel ethanol, with more than 40 million tons used last year. China ranks third globally with only 2.6 million tons consumed a year.

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