China Includes Floating Nuclear Power Plant Construction in Five-Year Plan
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China Includes Floating Nuclear Power Plant Construction in Five-Year Plan

(Yicai Global) Feb. 15-- China has included the construction of floating nuclear power plants into its 13th Five-Year Plan, and established special scientific research funds for the project. The plants are likely to be first used to power oil and natural gas exploration.

China has recruited experts to consider how to set up offshore nuclear power plants and determine how to build such floating platforms, Wang Yiren, deputy director of the National Atomic Energy Agency told Yicai Global. China will build a pilot project at an appropriate time, he said.

China also seeks to accelerate research and development through technological cooperation with Russia and other countries. The cost of building nuclear power stations on the sea is higher than that on land, so while addressing technological problems, the R&D enterprises are searching for business users as well.

When coming to the construction of inland nuclear power stations, Wang pointed out that the coastal areas of southeastern China saw rapid development in the past, with enormous power consumption but insufficient energy supply, so the government gave first priority to building nuclear power stations in these regions.

With energy demand in many inland regions becoming increasingly prominent, it is inevitable for China to establish nuclear power plants in such regions in the long run.

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