China Launches Third-Party Car Emission Screening Trials in Beijing
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China Launches Third-Party Car Emission Screening Trials in Beijing

(Yicai Global) Sept. 9 -- China's environment ministry has launched a pilot vehicle emissions monitoring project in Beijing to address issues including confused management of motor vehicle-detecting organizations and serious cheating and fraud.

According to the organizer, Cloud Detection will have more than 50 test locations. As a third party, Cloud Detection will publish vehicle emissions data through the Internet in real-time. Experts believe such market-based services are a major innovation. Cloud Detection is a new model of extensive and system-wide smart supervision and regulation featuring Big Data.

Auto emissions are a source of air pollution in large and mid-sized Chinese cities and have become the leading cause in tier-one cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Controlling exhaust pollution is a top priority in improving urban air quality.

The model integrates 'Internet + Smart Detection Equipment + Internet of Things,' realizing the intelligent Big Data service for vehicle pollution prevention and control. By implementing real-time on-line recording of the whole process of exhaust emission detection and quality supervision, it can wipe out test cheating, settling prevalent problems such as test cheating, inaccurate data, and difficulty in supervision of vehicle exhaust emission and in law enforcement.

Mr. Yan Ziqing, chairman of the Zhongguancun Air Pollution Control and Prevention Association said at a press conference, "The control of vehicle exhaust emissions is more than a policy issue, as it also concerns car owners. It is imperative to motivate car owners to control exhaust emission by themselves through market-oriented means."

Due to poor management in vehicle testing agencies and severe test cheating and fraud in recent years, car owners and government departments have failed to acquire true test data and to understand the real condition of cars, leading to a large number of problem-stricken cars on the road and worse air pollution caused by exhaust emissions.

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