China's New Maglev Train Developed by Military Academy Masters Core Technologies
Dou Shicong
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China's New Maglev Train Developed by Military Academy Masters Core Technologies

(Yicai Global) May 23 -- The engineering sample of new-type maglev train developed by China's military academy, National University of Defense Technology, NUDT, has successfully passed the trial operation test, which marks that China has mastered the core technologies of medium-speed maglev transportation, People's Liberation Army Daily reported today.

Engineers have optimized and upgraded the traction and levitation systems of the new-type train and achieved a series of technological breakthroughs in terms of modularization, lightweight, and integration. Compared with China's current medium- and low-speed maglev transportation in operation, the newly developed train has reached a leading level in the world, with levitation dissipation decreasing 20 percent and traction efficiency increasing over 10 percent. It has achieved the speed of over 160 kilometers per hour.

The high-speed and low-speed maglev traffic lines are two main types put into commercial operation in the world currently. The high-speed maglevs have sophisticated structure and high prices, while the low-speed ones have simple structure but low traction efficiency. The newly developed maglev trains are expected to integrate their advantages and reach the speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Providing China with a convenient and efficient green rail transit in future, the medium-speed maglev trains are suitable to operate among city clusters, central cities and satellite cities as well as within the metropolises. Thus, the train has a broad application prospect, the report said.

As one of the first institutions that started to research maglev transportation technology in China, NUDT has participated in two medium- and low-speed maglev transportation systems completely made in China, namely, the Changsha Maglev Express in central Hunan province and the Beijing Line S1 in China's capital.

China has not independently developed high-speed maglev trains yet. However, the first high-speed train technology innovation center has already begun operation in Qingdao, the eastern Shandong province, early this month, and it is expected to roll out the samples of 600km/h high-speed maglev trains in 2020.

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