China Rolls Out Drone Registration Requirements
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China Rolls Out Drone Registration Requirements

(Yicai Global) May 16 -- The China Aviation Management Institution said that it will institute a system of registration for drones that weight more than 250 grams in June after unmanned aerial vehicles caused flight interference at multiple airports.

A preliminary civil drone registration system has been developed, and will be put into operation on May 18, state-run Xinhua news agency reported, citing the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The system will come into force officially June 1.

Since mid-April, flights in Sichuan's Chengdu Airport and Yunnan's Kunming Airport have been disrupted by drones. Unregistered UAVs suddenly appeared on airstrips and nearly a hundred take-offs were affected.

China had more than 20,000 drone owners at the end of last year, the report said. Half failed to get a license, thus rendering the drone supervision and control void.


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