China's Second Biggest-Grossing Movie Manipulated Box Office Figures
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China's Second Biggest-Grossing Movie Manipulated Box Office Figures

(CBN - Global) April 22 -- Record-breaking box office figures for the Chinese fantasy comedy movie Monster Hunt have been falsified, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV confirmed on April 20.

The box office hit grossed CNY2.43 billion (USD375.9 million) in ticket sales in China last year, CNY2.03 million more than Hollywood blockbuster Furious 7, making it China's second biggest-grossing movie ever.

The figure has been revealed to include CNY40.42 million from so-called 'public welfare screenings,' which included free tickets to viewings in 29 cinemas.

Most of these public-welfare screenings were at the Hangzhou Broadway Cinema which scheduled as many as 10 midnight screenings, a CCTV reporter found. These midnight screenings had 108 percent attendance, according to data from the cinema, meaning that out of every 100 moviegoers, there were eight spectators who stood to watch the 118-minute long movie after midnight.

Qingdao Broadway Cinema scheduled multiple showings of Monster Hunt on August 28 last year at 10 minute intervals. A screenshot from the ticketing website shows that the cinema's Screen 1 showed the movie from 9:10 until 9:20. The next showing began at 9:30 and ended 10 minutes later.

Although China has become the world's second largest movie market, accurate data is necessary in order to achieve sustainable development for the Chinese movie market, said Mr. Jiang Tao, office director at the National Film Development Funds Management Committee. The country's movie industry should have accurate data to use as a reference.

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