China Stands to Gain From Trump's New Energy Policy, Foreign Media Reports
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China Stands to Gain From Trump's New Energy Policy, Foreign Media Reports
(Yicai Global) March 30 -- US President Donald Trump ordered to abolh former US President Barrack Obama's climate change policy, which could signal a loss of America's position as the world's most powerful political and economic state, reported foreign media. /n/n/n/n/n The Trump admintration determined to overturn Obama's efforts to tackle global warming, reported two days ago. While campaigning for presidency, Trump tweeted that the climate problem was invented to destroy American manufacturing. Now President, he plans to mine and burn more coal, relax fuel efficiency standards for small cars and trucks, and abolh Obama's Clean Power Plan.

One of Obama's key moves in climate change was an agreement between the US and China to see China's greenhouse gas emsions peak by 2030.

The US has made it clear that it will not comply with its commitments as a party to the agreement, the report said. It remains unknown whether China will continue to push for its goal to stay on top of climate change. As the world's most populous country, China has found itself in a leading position to address environmental sues, and the success of controlling global warming may be down to Beijing, not Washington.

After Trump signed to abolh Obama's policy, Chinese Foreign Mintry spokesman, Lu Kang, said that China would prefer both parties follow the agreement, fulfill their commitments and take action to promote the implementation of the Par Agreement.

"Regardless of how other countries' climate policies change, China, as a responsible developing country, will not change its resolution, goals or policy actions to tackle the problem," Lu said at a press briefing.

America the world's second largest carbon emitter, and its decion to shelve the Clean Power Plan may lead to emsions increasing as much as 25 percent, the UK's Guardian reported. While Trump's climate policy unlikely to bring the world into a period of uncontrollable global warming, it will make the sue more difficult to manage.

However, the rest of the world will not abandon their own efforts in line with Trump, the report said. The US may withdraw from the task at hand, but other countries are ready to step up, including the EU and China.

China, as the world's largest carbon emitter, taking major action to cut emsions in a bid to reduce air pollution and develop a low-carbon economy that could become the biggest economic growth point th century, the report said.

"If the US gives up its leadership in global action to reduce greenhouse gas emsions, other major countries, especially China, will dominate the upcoming clean energy economy," said Obama's former adver, John Podesta.

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