Chinese Hotel Sells Out Tea Eggs for USD423 Each
Emmi Laine
/SOURCE : Yicai

(Yicai Global) Sept. 20 -- A Chinese resort in eastern Jiangsu province has sold out a limited edition of tea-infused boiled eggs for over USD400 each.

Jiangsu Wuxi Resort Hotel sold a batch of 100 tea eggs that include secret ingredients for CNY2899 (USD423), state-backed People's Daily reported. These chickens' eggs were infused in fine tea that contained a secret concoction of eight ingredients, some of them used for traditional Chinese medicine such as fungus Cordyceps sinensis and rare orchid Dendrobium Officinale. The culinary treats were simmered for 24 hours on a slow fire, after which the flavors were left to mature for 12 hours.

The product is expensive due to the use of fine materials and the fact that it's a limited edition, an employee from the hotel said, adding that all the eggs were sold as of Aug. 17.

As for the sky-high pricing, Wuxi Price Supervision and Inspection Office said that the hotel did not violate any rules because the product's price is clearly marked, it is based on market demand, and remains in the scope of the resort's lawful business.

There is not much difference in the quality between high-end tea and ordinary tea when making tea eggs, said Lian Hong, chairman of the Fujian Tea Valuation Association.

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