Control US-China Trade Tiffs Through Talks, Says Commerce Ministry Head
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Control US-China Trade Tiffs Through Talks, Says Commerce Ministry Head

(Yicai Global) Feb. 9 -- Trade frictions between China and the US are normal, but the two sides can control these spats via dialog to smooth the development of bilateral trade ties, said Wang Hejun, chief of the Ministry of Commerce's Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau.

Wang said this yesterday to address recent China-US trade squabbles, the China News Service reported. He also argued the US sets excessively high tariff rates in cases against China, and said some have no real meaning apart from smearing it, while many erroneous practices also occur in these cases that infringe World Trade Organization rules.

For example, in an anti-dumping probe into imported Chinese stainless steel sheets and strips, the US ignored abundant evidence submitted by Chinese firms and refused to offer them separate tax rates just because they are state-owned enterprises. Such practices provoke strong discontent in relevant Chinese industries. "We have repeatedly voiced our concerns and asked the US to rectify this as soon as possible," Wang said.

The US has already ruled against China in several trade cases this year. After levying high anti-dumping and countervailing duties on amorphous silica fabric, carbon and alloy steel and ammonium sulfate and passenger-vehicle and truck tires imported from China, the US also imposed anti-dumping tariffs of 63 percent to 77 percent, and countervailing duties of 76 percent to 191 percent on Chinese stainless steel sheets and strips.

Bilateral trade between China and the US hit USD520 billion last year, even as the US launched a total of 20 trade remedy investigations against Chinese products having an aggregate value of USD3.7 billion, official data shows.

The US is set to make its final decision in such cases this year. China hopes the two nations' commerce departments can maintain close communication, implement trade relief within WTO frameworks, and effectively control trade frictions through talks to ensure mutual benefit, bring about a win-win situation and achieve the placid development of trade ties, Wang said.

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