[Exclusive] Sony Spinoff Vaio Will Use CIIE to Better Understand Chinese Consumers
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[Exclusive] Sony Spinoff Vaio Will Use CIIE to Better Understand Chinese Consumers

(Yicai Global) Sept. 13 -- Sony's computer spinoff Vaio is planning to use the first ever China International Import Expo, set to take place in Shanghai from Nov. 5 through Nov. 10 this year, to get into the minds of Chinese consumers and gear its products toward them, according to its General Manager Huang Xinchu, who took an exclusive interview with Yicai Global recently.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

Yicai Global: Vaio laptops are already fairly popular among Chinese consumers -- does that give you any particular expectations for the expo?

Huang Xinchu: When Sony spun off its computer business in 2014, Vaio stopped all overseas operations and only sold products in Japan. Three years later, we returned to the Chinese market, and now urgently need an opportunity to showcase our products. The CIIE will be a very good platform for us to reach more consumers and buyers.

We actually have high expectations for the expo and on the opening day will display several products never sold before in China, as well as some that are already available in the country.

YG: There are already a lot of computer brands active in China, does this put Vaio under a lot of pressure?

HX: Vaio produces-end computers and targets a group of people with high requirements for their laptops in terms of craftsman ship, materials, design or positioning, so our prices are higher than those of other brands. This means our products will cater to China's consumption upgrade, and meet consumers' needs as they pursue better products -- this will differentiate our products from others.

YG: What are the main differences between Vaio and other products?

HX: Our biggest advantage is that our products are made only in Japan. For example, our products are lighter and are Japanese in style.

YG: Japanese consumers have different demands when compared with their Chinese counterparts. How will you better satisfy Chinese consumers' requirements with computers imported from Japan?

HX: We are aware of the differences. To meet the needs of Chinese consumers, we're looking at designing products with their preferences in mind, not just introducing products already made and sold in Japan.

It's the main reason we're attending the expo. We want to gain insights into Chinese consumer preferences so we can improve our products.

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