First Electra Chinese Art Version Velo Wows in Shanghai -- Perfect Combination of Drama and Bike

First Electra Chinese Art Version Velo Wows in Shanghai -- Perfect Combination of Drama and Bike

Xu Wei

Date: Tue, 04/03/2018 - 16:16 / source:Yicai
First Electra Chinese Art Version Velo Wows in Shanghai -- Perfect Combination of Drama and Bike
Left: Raimond, Electra China Brand head; Center: Gu Haohao; Right: Zhu Gang

(Yicai Global) April 3 -- The first Chinese-art version Electra city bike staged a stunning debut in Shanghai yesterday afternoon. This artistic bicycle, named Zhaojun after one of the four beauties of ancient China, was created by the world-famous Electra Bicycle Company modeled on opera figures painted by renowned portraitist Zhu Gang. This novel and stylish bicycle was presented to the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe at the Electra 25th anniversary celebration that afternoon. Electra will join hands with the Shanghai Charity Foundation to serve the community and make the international metropolis Shanghai even more fashionable, youthful and energetic.

Electra was founded in 1993 in Vista, California, the US. The founder upholds the concept of eco-friendly cycling, and designs bicycles that attract riders and car enthusiasts, by combining classic styles with modern technology to open new vistas for urban bikes. A leader in the field of comfortable city bikes, Electra now claims 80 percent of the US leisure bicycle market share, and its velocipedes can be found on every street corner of major cities in the world. World politicians and stars of the ilk of Russian PresidentVladimir Putin, the country’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber all have their favorite Electra bikes. Electra entered the Chinese market last year and opened its first store in Shanghai. Encouraged by Shanghai’s new policy, Electra launched its first Chinese-art version city bike to forge stronger cultural exchanges between China and the US. The Chinese art series bikes will also be mass-produced and sold in America and Europe, a company official with Electra said.

Electra's tradition is to customize bicycles with the design elements of world famous artists. The first batch of Chinese-art version Electra city bicycles will also include figures from traditional operas such as Imperial Concubine Yang -- one of the four famous beauties in ancient history -- and Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, a mythological figure famous in China, in addition to the debut of Zhaojun. All of these are based on Zhu’s opera paintings, which domestic and foreign audiences appreciate for their elegant and simple artistic portrayal of characters.

Gu Haohao, a famous Kunqu Opera artist representing Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, received the first Chinese-art version Electra city bike. Zhaojun bicycles are now poised to disseminate China's outstanding traditional culture throughout the world.

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