Geology of Xiong'an New Area Will Be Mapped to 10,000 Meters Underground
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Geology of Xiong'an New Area Will Be Mapped to 10,000 Meters Underground

(Yicai Global) June 26 -- China has embarked on a comprehensive geological survey of the newly established Xiong'an New Area, and will investigate the geological structure to 10,000 meters underground to serve the area's planning and construction.

Drilling programs with geological standards in Dawang Town, Anxin County, Xiong'an New Area have been started at the same time recently, and the geological survey the Ministry of Land and Resources and China Geological Survey have undertaken has since begun.

Aiming at different underground spaces and target levels of resource's utilization, China Geological Survey will investigate the geological structure and geological parameters of soil strata, engineering construction strata, main aquifers, geothermal reservoirs and deep exploration layer within 0 to 10,000 meters underground, and establish a four-dimensional geologic model with differential spatial scales.

The 100-meter depth of the area underground is dominated by cohesive soil, and the continuous aquifer is only distributed to a depth of 26 to 40 meters. In general, it is very suitable for underground space development, said Jiang Daming, Minister of Land and Resources, as state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

To protect the 26- to 40-meter-deep continuous aquifer, China Geological Survey advises that the underground space in the new area will be divided into a shallow layer (0 to 26 meters deep) and middle-level deep layer (40 meters deep) for planning and development purposes.

The upper part of the shallow underground space will be used as the constructed space for warehousing shopping, living and entertainment, parking lots and the civil defense projects, and the lower part will be constructed as a utility tunnel and used in underground transport.

The upper part of the mid-level deep underground space will be used as the construction space for underground transportation and logistics channels, and the lower part will be the space for strategic infrastructure, such as water storage pipe lines and special projects.

In addition, the initial investigation revealed that there are three large- and mid-sized geothermal fields in the area, and the underground hot water resources can be recoverable by 2.2 million tons of coal, which can heat about 40 million square meters of buildings.

The Chinese central government decided to set up the new area of Xiong'an in east-central Hebei province at the start of this April. The planning scope covers the three counties and the surrounding area of Xiong County, Rongcheng, An'xin. The starting area is about 100 square kilometers, and its purpose is to ease the non-capital function of Beijing, adjust and optimize the urban layout and space structure of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and to foster innovation and drive development.

This is new area is of national significance second only to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area.

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