Going Global: Tailoring A Website to Your Chinese Audience

Going Global: Tailoring A Website to Your Chinese Audience

Lucy Pearson

Date: Mon, 04/09/2018 - 16:00 / source:Yicai
Going Global: Tailoring A Website to Your Chinese Audience
Going Global: Tailoring A Website to Your Chinese Audience

(Yicai Global) April 9 -- China has been dubbed as the world’s top consumer as a study has revealed that household consumption alone climbed to a whopping $4.5 trillion last year. With the nation’s consumers becoming richer as they age, there is a shift in spending habits as a majority are now purchasing goods to reflect an upgraded lifestyle. With the increase of spending on health food, electronics, and luxury items, international companies have begun to take notice and are now developing strategies and techniques to appeal to the Chinese market. One of the most effective ways to do this before debuting a product, service, or experience in the country is to strengthen your online presence to your audience, and the best way to do it is to tailor your website to your Chinese audience. Here’s how you can reach out to future consumers while abiding by the rules of the country.

Create a Dedicated Website

Your current website is not enough if you’re trying to reach a Chinese audience. To reach your intended market, you will need to create a text-heavy website in Chinese with few images. Make sure that it’s mobile-ready as more than 600 million Internet users in the country are mobile users. If you’re using a Wordpress hosting company, know that Wordpress may be accessed by site visitors if they use a VPN, but it’s recommended to choose a Chinese hosting service so Internet users will have a smoother and better experience while browsing your site. Doing so also decreases the chances of your website from being blocked.

Get Familiar With the Most Popular Chinese Platforms

Linking your site to your company’s social media accounts is essential to promote your products or services. When tailoring a website to the Chinese market, you’ll need to get familiar with the most popular platforms in the country such as Baidu, Weibo, and WeChat. Don’t forget online video platforms such as Youku, Iqiyi, and QQ videos are a great way to reach out to your target audience, especially if you’re marketing luxury goods.

Hire a Bilingual Content Writer

Don’t depend on online translation sites to create content for your future audience. You’ll need to hire a bilingual content writer to create authentic, quality content for your intended market. Once you’ve found a writer, create a posting schedule to make sure that new content is always available for your audience.

Making the leap to reach out to the world’s top consumers may be a challenge, but by doing some research and getting familiar with the country’s platforms, customs, and buying behavior, it can be done. Follow these tips to expand your business by creating an online presence specifically for a Chinese audience.

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