Hangzhou's Big Data-Fueled Enjoyabus Starts Accepting Reservations
Zhang Xia
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Hangzhou's Big Data-Fueled Enjoyabus Starts Accepting Reservations

(Yicai Global) Sept. 8 -- Enjoyabus, Hangzhou's first bus customized with big data analysis in mind, starting accepting reservations yesterday and will go into service on Sept. 11.

Its 50-minute route includes four stops between the departure station and final destination, Hangzhou Public Transport Group Co. told Zhejiang Online on Wednesday.

Hangzhou Public Transport Group cooperated with Hangzhou Public Transport Cloud Technology Co., Hangzhou DT Dream Technology Co. and AutoNavi Holdings Ltd. [NASDAQ:AMAP] to generate the route based on an algorithm and operational experience, said Zheng Min, the head of Hangzhou Public Transport Group.

Hangzhou, the capital of China's eastern province of Zhejiang, has seven customized bus lines. The older ones' fares are USD0.46 (CNY3) to CNY5 for every five kilometers, while an end-to-end ride on the Enjoyabus costs CNY5, said Zheng.

"Different from common bus lines, Enjoyabus is sensitive to data," Zheng said. "Stops can be set flexibly according to users' demands. The bus line can be dispatched efficiently and bring convenience to citizens. Enjoyabus drives on a special lane for buses, and can make the journey 10 minutes faster than a taxi."

Enjoyabus will depart when 60 percent of the seats have been booked, and its operators may adjust this limit based on demand in the future.

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