Horizon Robotics Will Road Test 40 Driverless Cars in Shanghai
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Horizon Robotics Will Road Test 40 Driverless Cars in Shanghai

(Yicai Global) March 30 -- Horizon Robotics Inc., an unmanned driving research and development firm, will road test 40 driverless cars in Shanghai. The company established an R&D center in Shanghai on March 28.

"The key to automated driving lies in the collection and processing of a wide assortment of complicated data never seen before, which calls for brand-new automated driving software systems and heterogeneous networks," Yu Kai, the Beijing-based group's founder and chief executive, told Yicai Global.

"The true realization of automated driving entails a mass production standard for solutions of software and hardware computing, namely, three critical indicators: power consumption, performance and cost." Yu said.

For safety, the technology that is used should rely on big data and information obtained practically from on-road 'experience,' he said. Quality sensors and computer simulators also play an important role in making self-driving vehicles.

"From my perspective, data plus technology will contribute to the maturity of unmanned driving technology in 15 years." Yu said when asked for an estimated development timeframe.

The company obtained millions of dollars in funding through angel investors in September 2015, and received investments worth tens of millions from DST Investment Management Ltd. through A round financing in April last year. Its A+ round in July also brought in tens of millions.

Horizon Robotics is a leading Chinese enterprise devoted to providing artificial intelligence software and hardware solutions for driverless systems.

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