Huawei, Alibaba Deploy AI to Quickly Spot Coronavirus Cases, Useful Drugs
Li Na | Lin Zhiyin
DATE:  Feb 07 2020
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Huawei, Alibaba Deploy AI to Quickly Spot Coronavirus Cases, Useful Drugs Huawei, Alibaba Deploy AI to Quickly Spot Coronavirus Cases, Useful Drugs

(Yicai Global) Feb. 6 -- Huawei Technologies, Alibaba Group and other big Chinese tech firms are providing artificial intelligence and cloud computing power to hospitals and medical research institutions to help in the diagnosis of cases caused by the novel coronavirus and to test for effective treatments.

Huawei Cloud's Enterprise and Medical Intelligence Team has used super-computing power and AI algorithms to scan 8,506 drugs for multiple target proteins of the virus and millions of small molecule compounds, team member Qiao Nan told Yicai Global.

The testing identified five drugs -- Beclabuvir, Saquinavir, Bictegravir, Lopinavir and Dolutegravir -- that may be effective against the 2019-nCov virus, Qiao added. Together with several medical institutions, the team is now conducting cytological verification of these five antiviral drugs and pursuing clinical trials, Qiao added.

AI technology uses algorithms and existing drugs to quickly find matches and screen compounds, all of which are important parts of medicine testing, said Gao Ang, vice president of technology service platform Huawei's ultra-large computer processing completed hundred of billions of simulation calculations and large-scale virtual drug screenings within hours.

Alibaba's Damo Academy, a global research institute for scientific research and development, and genetic research firm Hangzhou Madridx Biotechnology recently developed an automated genetic testing platform for use by the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hangzhou-based Damo provided an AI algorithm that has reduced the time needed by the platform to identify 2019-nCoV in submitted samples by several hours to half an hour. Not only can it handle huge amounts of data generated during the sequencing process, it can also detect mutations of the virus with 100 percent accuracy, an insider told Yicai Global.

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