Huawei Challenges Conventional Price-Centered Thinking in PC Industry, Its COO Says
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Huawei Challenges Conventional Price-Centered Thinking in PC Industry, Its COO Says

(Yicai Global) June 09 -- Chinese telecommunications equipment company, Huawei Technologies Co., has shown great interest in the personal computer market despite the downbeat market climate in recent months.

It has unveiled three new laptops, including the second-generation MateBook series, at the Consumer Electronics Show Asia that opened in Shanghai May 7.

"Huawei will stick to its high-end product strategy in the PC business, and we won't get into any price war in the low-end market," said Wan Biao, chief operations officer at Huawei's consumer electronics division, at an interview with Yicai Global during the event. The first-generation MateBook laptops were well received by the market. The company has set sales targets, but it does not want to give the team too much pressure for fear that it may affect the execution of the 'aiming high' strategy.

Obviously, the Shenzhen-based tech giant is very serious about establishing a PC ecosystem, but what it can achieve is in part dependent on the speed of the recovery of the overall PC market.

For many years, traditional PC companies have not developed many compellingly innovative products, and most people still perceive laptops as a tool for work or study, Wan told Yicai Global. By contrast, smartphones have a much shorter upgrade cycle. He suggested that all PC companies should work together to create a bigger market, rather than build cheaper products.

"We won't sell our products globally, but they'll be launched in main markets such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and the US, and in countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia and Thailand where people have relatively strong spending power." The improved reputation of Huawei smartphones in the key countries will make it easier for MateBook to penetrate the national markets, he believes.

Future generations of laptops will be more powerful with improved product design, he opined. For example, artificial intelligence and Big Data will open more possibilities, and this will provide Huawei with new opportunities. 

"It's hard to tell what it'll look like two years from now, because the world is evolving at an accelerating pace. This is mainly because AI and big data will bring dramatic changes to the laptop industry. Only manufacturers with the strongest product research and development capabilities can grasp the opportunities brought about by the changes," he said.

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