JD.Com, US Magplane Pair to Develop Underground Maglev System
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JD.Com, US Magplane Pair to Develop Underground Maglev System

(Yicai Global) June 14 -- China's e-commerce mammoth JD.Com and US company Magplane Technology have struck a deal to develop magnetic levitation and direct-drive magnetomotive force technologies for warehousing and logistics services and promote their application in smart logistics, state media The Paper reported. 

If successfully developed, the technology will allow JD.Com to deliver parcels using smart logistics 'railways' powered by magnetomotive force, without operating any road vehicles or burning fossil fuels.

A very long time may be needed before the technology can be applied and approved by regulators, however, market insiders have argued.

Magplane Technology was founded in the northeastern US state of New Hampshire in the mid-1990s by a group of MIT engineers who pioneered the magnetic flight concept. Its first 30 engineers and scientists came from the US Army's Corps of Engineers and leading engineering companies. The firm has developed several projects in Chinese cities over the past several years, according to its website.

The pair will jointly develop the direct-drive magnetomotive and maglev technology, and JD.Com will build smart rail transport networks both above and under the ground, it said.

Successful application of the technology will derail traditional traffic and transport systems and warehouse conveyance models, and hold significant implications for the future, analysts predict.

After the tie-up, the companies will join forces to popularize the direct-drive magnetomotive technology and promote its application and commercialization revolving around the actual needs of corporate users. JD.Com will provide Magplane with project opportunities, and the two will collaborate in exploring ways to supply fully-integrated and systematic solutions and high-quality services to third-party clients, per the agreement.

JD.Com will further intensify its team training for direct-drive magnetomotive force projects, as well as building cooperative, organizational and promotional models. The pair will also develop new businesses and new markets to apply the technology in varying logistics scenarios.

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