Launch of Alipay's 3D VR Pay Imminent, Will Eliminate Smart Phone Payments
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Launch of Alipay's 3D VR Pay Imminent, Will Eliminate Smart Phone Payments

(Yicai Global) Aug. 8 -- Alibaba's Alipay's VR Pay is poised to roll out in late September, Yicai Global has learned from Ant Financial Services Group, the financial payment arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding [NYSE:BABA]. It will allow users to log in by inputting passwords via eye scans, nods and gestures when a three-dimensional Alipay cash register pop-up appears in a VR interface which lets users place orders with VR Pay-enabled merchants. After ordering, however,consumers must remove their VR headsets and return to standard smartphone payment to complete their transactions. VR Pay therefore aims to enable future VR payments so as to make virtual shopping uninterrupted.

F-workshop (F represents'future'), is a seven-strong team Ant Financial set up this year. The team comprises experts in technology, products and interactivity, and was formed by a technical specialist from Alibaba's B2B department. Focused on research and development of VR payment, F-workshop is a younger, more secretive crew than the dedicated unit developing biometric identification technologies -- such as facial recognition -- which are already public domain. The various types of VR hardware on the market used if ferent operating modes, but all share the same abstract interactive method, ensuring the interoperability of VR Pay, said F-workshop -- which is tasked with developing the technology -- in an interview with Yicai Global. VR Pay has achieved the security required for mobile Alipay transactions, and will in future combine this with biometric technology.

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