Mobike Updates Rider-Scoring System After Feedback From Beijing Court
Dou Shicong
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Mobike Updates Rider-Scoring System After Feedback From Beijing Court

(Yicai Global) Feb. 23 -- Bike-sharing giant Mobike has updated its user-scoring system, which determines how much riders pay for its services, under the guidance of court in Beijing's Haidian district after a failed lawsuit against the firm.

The suggestion came after a local property management firm tried to sue the platform's operator Beijing Mobike Technology Co. in November, the bike sharer said in a statement. The complainant alleged the firm dumped over 100 bikes on one of its developments and failed to manage them effectively.

Despite ruling in Mobike's favor, the court told the company it needed to make changes.

"The new Mobike Score takes into consideration your day-to-day usage, habits and other behaviors," the platform's English language app for China says. "By observing traffic rules and using the bikes properly, you will not only maintain a higher Mobike Score, but will gain access to even more services in the future."

Bike sharing took off in China in 2016 and city streets quickly filled with brightly colored, awkwardly parked bicycles parked obstructing pedestrians and vehicles. There were more than 50 operators at the sector's peak, but regulatory crackdowns and stiff competition from Mobike and its rival Ofo (Beijing Bikelock Technology Co.) drove many of those platforms out of business, including the third-largest provider Bluegogo, run by Tianjin Luding Technology Co.

Mobike's latest system will incorporate its old scoring mechanism and use data derived from riding habits. Ratings will range from 0 to 1,000 and each rider will be labeled depending on their score:

701 to 1,000: Outstanding

601 to 700: Excellent

501 to 600: Good

301 to 500: Fair

0 to 300: Poor

Poor users will be charged 100 times the half-hourly rate of either CNY0.5 (USD0.08) or CNY1, while riders rated fair will pay double the normal prices. Low scorers will also be unable to reserve bikes in advance or use the platform's flat-fee monthly payment scheme.

To further encourage proper parking, Mobike will use digital fences to prevent bikes entering or being parked in restricted areas, and offer cash rewards to users who move poorly parked bikes to more suitable locations.

The Mobike app tells users they can boost their score by following traffic rules, parking in convenient locations, keeping bikes clean and riding regularly. Users' scores will fall if they ride bikes in an unsafe manner, park in off-limits areas, obstruct pedestrians, vandalize bikes or commit other "civil violations".

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