Public Reacts Well to Chinese Cabinet's Mobile Feedback App
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Public Reacts Well to Chinese Cabinet's Mobile Feedback App

(Yicai Global) Jan. 24 -- From truck drivers to college graduates, tens of thousands of Chinese citizens from different walks of life across the country are expressing their opinions on a State Council mobile app.

The website's new media team have added a map to the app which lights up in locations where people interact with the State Council's online posts.

The website totaled over 1 billion page views across Weibo, WeChat and other apps in 2016, the site's operation center said.

Last December, and more than 20 media agencies, including Yicai Global, collectively launched the 'I want to say a word to the Premier' campaign to collect public feedback on the government's work in 2017. The campaign will end after the national 'two sessions' in March.

The five fields receiving the most feedback were housing (11.1 percent), education (11 percent), social security (10.2 percent), medical care (8.5 percent) and employment and wages (7.4 percent).

The media team carefully reads each comment to learn from them, a representative said. To allow the public to better understand government policies, they continue to create relatable content and emphasize readability and visual communication.

Government officials at all levels should "make good use of mobile phones," Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said. He added that they should design useful online channels and continuously improve the handling of government information, perception of public wellbeing and their responses to public opinion.

Version 2.0 of the State Council app was released on Jan. 20 and includes an English language channel.

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