Qudian's CEO Blames Himself for Online Lender's Ropy Public Image
Liao Shumin
/SOURCE : Yicai
Qudian's CEO Blames Himself for Online Lender's Ropy Public Image

(Yicai Global) Jan. 15 -- Qudian Inc. Chief Executive Luo Min believes the New York-listed online lender struggles to win over the public because he doesn't make many personal appearances, dubbing his personal branding an "ostrich-like policy."

"Public relations not only involve the team concerned, but also myself, the CEO of a listed company," Luo said through the Beijing-based firm's WeChat account yesterday. "Despite wide attention from the public, I'm reluctant to have direct contact with them, which is a cognitive error."

The 34-year-old feels he has made two core mistakes since his fintech company went public in October, raising USD900 million on the New York Stock Exchange. The first has been failing to hold press conferences immediately after issues arise, and opting instead to give exclusive interviews to a sole news agency. The second was cancelling interviews after opting for one-on-one briefings, which he puts down to following bad advice.

"This head-in-the-sand approach casts more public doubt than it clears, displeasing more media friends," he said.

Qudian came under fire from the media soon after listing. Luo then said in an interview that the firm would write off overdue payments as bad loans, but not chase them up. Shortly after, Qudian's stock fell to less than 30 percent of its peak price.

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