Redcore Browser Exposed to Have Google Chrome's Code After Raising USD36 Million in Funds
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Redcore Browser Exposed to Have Google Chrome's Code After Raising USD36 Million in Funds

(Yicai Global) Aug. 16 -- Chinese software firm Redcore has removed the download link for its "autonomous" browser after it was accused of copying some of the key tech from Google Chrome, and all this on the same day the firm completed its C round of financing.

Redcore carried out transformation and innovation on the basis of the internationally accepted browser architecture, and the Redcore Browser itself is part of Google Open Source software, Gao Jing, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, told local news outlet the Economic Observer. Redcore, which claims to be an independent developer of autonomous and controllable core browser products, finished a CNY250 million (USD36.2 million) round of funding yesterday.

On the same day, the Redcore Browser was found to have a large number of files with the same names as those of Google Chrome browser. The download link of the Redcore Browser has now been removed from its official website.

"I don't think it's a bad thing," Gao said. "In all these years of browser development, we have never received such a wide range of attention.""Autonomous" means using open source technology to reinvent, while "controllable" means that if there are 10 million lines of codes in the product and the team understands the internal architecture of all the codes so they can be used, Gao added.

Beijing-based Redcore has attracted investment from Chinese software developer Iflytek, US investment firm IDG Capital, Hong Kong private equity investor Morningside Venture Capital, and Chinese Fortune Capital in its past rounds of financing. Gao Jing was once awarded a position on Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Sept. 2012.

Redcore positions itself to serve the needs of corporations, and large firms are very strict in auditing, approval, and other processes, Gao added.

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