Regulator Again Warns Baidu for Displaying Harmful Information
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Regulator Again Warns Baidu for Displaying Harmful Information

(Yicai Global) March 13 -- Beijing Internet Information Office has criticized and warned Baidu Tieba, the search giant's online community, for serious violations and harmful online information.

The office's official WeChat account said yesterday that it had interviewed Baidu's executive chief editor, ordering the company to rectify the harmful information on the platform, The Beijing News reported.

The office said information prohibited by law could be frequently found on Baidu Tieba, and demanded the firm erase any harmful information and ban the accounts posting the information. The administrative enforcement procedure has already begun, it said. The office didn't disclose further details about the violations.

Income from online marketing, including the advertisements on Tieba, has been an important part of the firm's income. Revenue from Baidu's ad network still accounted for 96.5 percent of its annual income in 2015, after the proportion declined from the year before.

The enforcement of the Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising has hit Baidu hard, as it counts heavily on search and online advertising, an industry insider said.

Last May, the Ministry of Public Security warned Baidu Tieba for not having a safety management system in place, highlighting issues including the display of illegal information involving guns and explosives, trafficking personal information and pornography, among others. The firm was required to self-inspect and rectify the issues within a fixed time limit.

In January, Baidu said it would seriously review and rectify problems after receiving a warning from the Cyberspace Administration of China.

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