Siemens Wins First H-Class Gas Turbine Order in Mainland China

Siemens Wins First H-Class Gas Turbine Order in Mainland China

Liao Shumin

Date: Mon, 04/23/2018 - 12:05 / source:Yicai
Siemens Wins First H-Class Gas Turbine Order in Mainland China
Siemens Wins First H-Class Gas Turbine Order in Mainland China

(Yicai Global) April 23 -- Germany’s Siemens AG has won the first H-class gas turbine order in the Chinese mainland from Huadian Fuxin Energy Co., a unit of China Huadian Corp., and will provide two generator sets, including two SGT5-8000H heavy-duty gas turbines, two steam turbines, and four generators, it announced April 20.

This equipment will be installed at the gas cooling, heating and power cogeneration project in Zengcheng district, Guangzhou, in China’s southeastern economic powerhouse of Guangdong province. The plant is expected to come into service at the end of next year.

Zengcheng District, one of main drivers of Guangzhou's development, has undertaken to build an advanced manufacturing base. Siemens is helping it to replace small industrial coal boilers with clean natural gas as China strives to improve its environment.

“Offering our most efficient H-class gas turbines to CHD is not just a major market breakthrough, but also a continuation of our over-a-century-long commitment to sustainable energy development in China, which was marked by the installation of Shilongba Hydro Power Plant back in 1912.” said Lothar Herrmann, CEO Siemens Greater China. “With our most advanced and digital technologies and solutions, we are partnering with our Chinese customers to contribute to the great energy transformation and construction of a beautiful China.”

This is Siemens’s second H-class gas turbine order in Greater China, following the first from Hong Kong Castle Peak Power Co. early last year.

As internal combustion engines, gas turbines essentially rely on the gas generated by the combustion of fuel (mainly natural gas) and air to push the blades to do work. The H-class gas turbines currently have the highest combustion temperature, the biggest single power, and the highest efficiency in the world.

H-class gas turbines are widely used in combined heat and power stations, and their combined cycle power generation efficiency exceeds 62 percent. The net efficiency of the world's most advanced million-kilowatt coal-powered ultra-supercritical units in the rated condition is no more than 47 percent.

Siemens’s largest order of H-class gas turbines has hitherto been from Egypt, a EUR8 billion energy order signed by the Egyptian government and Siemens in 2015 to introduce a power generation project mainly supported by 24 H-class gas turbines.

The H-class turbines the US General Electric Co. produces have also entered the Chinese market. GE, Siemens, and Japan's Mitsubishi Corp. are the three giants that lead the global heavy-duty gas turbine market.

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