Southern Chinese City Xiamen Banishes 80,000 Shared Bikes From Streets
Zhang Xia
/SOURCE : Yicai
Southern Chinese City Xiamen Banishes 80,000 Shared Bikes From Streets

(Yicai Global) Nov. 27 -- Xiamen, a city in the China's southern province of Fujian, began clearing out excess shared bicycles at the start of this month and has confiscated more than 80,000 bikes so far. The government will not return the vehicles to companies before it official enacts new rules on shared bikes, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Cleared bikes mainly belonged to Ofo, run by Beijing Bikelock Technology Co., Mobike, run by Beijing Mobike Technology Co. and Hellobike, run by Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., who are considered the 'big three' bike sharers in Xiamen with more than 90 percent of shared bikes on the city's streets.

There are a total of 250,000 shared bikes in Xiamen, said Liu Guoqing, chief of the construction unit under the city's municipal landscaping bureau. Controlling the total number of bikes placed on the streets is the first issue to tackle, he added. The municipal government has made quite plain that it will not allow new bike-sharing companies to form or let existing sharers place put new bikes in the city for some time to come.

A local media report in May said that five bike-sharing brands had entered Xiamen and were looking to put 300,000 bikes on the streets, even though the city only had 4,000 bike parking areas.

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