Terry Guo Dares Not Ride in a Driverless Car, Thinks They Still Have a Long Way to Go
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Terry Guo Dares Not Ride in a Driverless Car, Thinks They Still Have a Long Way to Go

(Yicai Global) Nov. 21 --Terry Guo, board chairman of Foxconn Technology Group -- the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer -- said, "Lots of companies are scrambling to make web-cars, but I wouldn't dare ride in one -- we're not talking about a remote-control toy car here, after all."

Guo said in a recent interview with China Central Television that "Many carmakers say 'I can make driverless cars,' but when these cars do become available, I would urge people not to buy them too hastily, since we live in the real world and driverless cars still have a long road to travel, in my view."

As to whether traditional manufacturing should rely on internet technology to transform traditional manufacturing, Gou said he thought no internet company would regard Foxconn as a traditional manufacturer. He noted that his company has been facilitating Internet companies in producing the newest high-tech products over the years, all using internet technology.

Gou also believes the manufacturing industry has an opposite development pattern to a web company, as the former follows 'Internet +,' while the latter follows '+ Internet.'

Gou said the aim of the first decade of 'Made in China 2025' is to enable Chinese manufacturers to rise to parity with their German, Japanese and American rivals -- quite possible with China's numerous young talents. Manufacturing industries in China have the internet gene, and the rapid spread of the web here means it can swiftly apply to industrial manufacturing.

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