The Election of a Currency Is a Market Action, Says NDRC on 'Dollar-less China-Russian Trade'
Xu Wei
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The Election of a Currency Is a Market Action, Says NDRC on 'Dollar-less China-Russian Trade'

(Yicai Global) Sept. 1 -- China and Russia are trying to promote the settlement in local currency of their bilateral trade, but designating a certain currency a market and commercial act. /n/n/n/n/n

The government should create a convenient environment, said Ye Fujing, head of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations of China's National Development and Reform Commsion (NDRC), at the advanced briefing on the financial and economic cooperation of BRICS countries held on Aug. 31.

Settlement in local currency should be encouraged, Ye also said, because it conducive to averting exchange rate rks and reducing the transaction costs of trade and investment.

The internationalization of the yuan not only an inevitable trend in the process of China's economic development, but also a beneficial part of and supplement to the current international monetary system, and thus advantageous for win-win cooperation and mutual benefits.

Their monetary cooperation a very important part of the current pragmatic economic cooperation for China and Russia, and an important area for them to fortify their financial cooperation, so they should actively maintain and promote it in future.

China will support Russia in identifying an appropriate opportunity to sue sovereign bonds denominated in yuan in China, and the two countries will sign the agreement on bilateral audit supervion and cooperation in due course, when it comes time to dcuss China-Russia financial cooperation.

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