The US Is Trying to Limit Aluminum Imports, China's Commerce Ministry Says
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The US Is Trying to Limit Aluminum Imports, China's Commerce Ministry Says

(Yicai Global) April 27 -- China-US trade friction in the aluminum industry is escalating. The US has worked to limit the import of aluminum products, Ministry of Commerce Spokesman Sun Jiwen said at a press conference today.

The US has started Section 332 investigations, conducted administrative reviews on foreign aluminum extrusion materials, looked into the dumping of China's foil products, and proposed WTO consultations on Chinese government subsidies of primary aluminum. The US plans to carry out Section 232 investigations on imported aluminum products.

"China expresses its serious concern on this, and is making comprehensive assessments on the influence of United States' actions and measures on development of Chinese aluminum industry and international trade of aluminum products," Sun said.

China's aluminum industry developed rapidly through the integration of domestic and foreign resources, and it has become a highly competitive and market-oriented industry. Its advancement promotes the global industry and aluminum applications and contributes related upstream and downstream industries in China.

"We call for the United States to take the responsibility to maintain the multilateral trade order, and hope the United States' actions and measures are in accordance with the relevant WTO rules," said Sun. "We hope that through consultation and dialogue, both sides will continue to consider the downstream enterprises' interests in the aluminum industry, properly resolve industry concerns to attain win-win cooperation in the world aluminum industry, and promote world economic development and enhance consumer's welfare."

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