US Leads, China Ranks 7th in Innovation Prowess Among G20
Zhang Yushuo
/SOURCE : yicai
US Leads, China Ranks 7th in Innovation Prowess Among G20

(Yicai Global) Nov. 21 -- China has ranked seventh in terms of innovation competitiveness among other G20 countries. 

The US, Germany, UK, France, and Japan were best in high-tech development, according to the 2018 Yellow Book of G20 National Innovational Competitiveness, released today. Fujian Normal University and state-backed China Science and Technology Exchange Center contributed to the report.

South Korea, China, Australia, Canada, and Italy were in the second tier of the ranking. Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina followed up in the third-tier of five countries. 

The parameters of the study mostly involve the development of artificial intelligence in each country, as well as the emergence of new related businesses and jobs.

The report warned that AI may reduce the need of human labor and thereby suggested some countermeasures, such as improving these countries' social security systems, creating new laws and regulations, and enhancing their education systems.

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